Injunction to pay at a debtor

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Objective of the injunction to pay

The complaint for an injunction to pay is a procedure permitting to ask the recovery of debts by judicial way, with a demand for the "Tribunal d'instance" or the "jurisdiction de proximité" or the president of the "tribunal de commerce".

Conditions of the injunction to pay

Attention: the injunction to pay can be used only for the debts of the article 1405 of the new civil procedure code : the reason of the debt has to be contractual and the sum of the debt has to be precisely determined in the agreement.

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Opposition to an injunction to pay

Submission against to an injunction to pay

A person or a firm estimates that you owe a debt and began a procedure in front the court to get back it. The court pronounces an order to an injunction to pay, which you have notified. You can contest this judgment.

From the day of the reception of the order, you have a period of one month to begin the procedure. The submission names "une opposition". For using this submission, you have to send the mail here above with an acknowledgement of receipt at the "greffe du tribunal" which pronounced this judgement.

A hearing in court

You will be call in to a hearing for explaining the reasons of your disagreements with the person or the firm who begins the procedure. You have to produce all the proofs permitting to contest the debt.

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